560 manhattan ave brooklyn ny 11222
718.349.3859 / enidsbar@gmail.com

our eggs are fresh & organic

 2 eggs, as you please…11

toast and a tiny salad

please choose a side


crisp corn tortillas

cooked in salsa verde or roja

cotija, crema, avocado & a sunny egg

steak and egg salad…15

grilled grass-fed hanger steak

kale caeser salad =a sunny egg=

creamy tomato soup &
grilled cheese sandwich…13

cheddar, bacon,  onion jam. many grain toast

cup of creamy tomato soup

veggie burger and fries…13

pickled red onion & cheddar cheese

homemade pickle spear

blackened catfish sandwich…13

dill remoulade, pickled jalapeño

please choose a side

cheeseburger & fries…15

organic ground beef, beer battered onion ring

pickled green tomato, sharp cheddar cheese

fresh cut fries, homemade pickle spear

fried chicken sandwich…15

sustainably raised bird, pickled green tomato

mayo & iceberg lettuce, please choose a side



braised collard greens

spicy pickled beets

garlicky sauteed greens

tater tots * french fries

bacon, sausage, or veg sausage

a little salad


macaroni and cheese…7


kids plate…6

chicken* littles = wee veg or beef burger

Lunch Specials
June 22, 2017


churros french toast

cinnamon sugar & cream cheese glaze

cornmeal fried trout niscoise

salt boiled potatoes, green beans,

boiled egg, olives & capers.

mustard wine vinaigrette

broccoli rabe florentine

grilled english muffin with 2 poached eggs,

salsa verde & hollandaise sauce

=choose a side=


chocolate cake…8     butterscotch pudding…7

fruit cobbler…8 homemade vanilla ice cream

20% gratuity may be added for parties of 5 or more